Traveling Trails Less Traveled. By Buckshot Anderson

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1/2/2009 The In Between Time
1/9/2009 The Quite After Christmas
1/16/2009 Snowshoeing
1/23/2009 The First Time I Ever …
1/30/2009 A Winter Morning Walk With Belle
2/6/2009 ..Walk Six Miles To School
Through Snowdrifts Up To His Armpits…
2/13/2009 Harvesting The Bounty From Gitchee Gumee
2/20/2009 The Minnow Pond Swamp
2/27/2009 Lakeland T-Birds
3/6/2009 The Tackle Box
3/13/2009 March Perch
3/18/2009 Musky Madness and Other Non-Lethal Afflictions
 *Buckshot Anderson's Newest book (#8) is now available!
3/20/2009 Outlandish - March
 *Plum Creek, use to swim through the culvert under Hwy C as a boy - David
3/27/2009 What are the "poor" people doing
4/3/2009 Spring Smelt - Lake Superior
4/10/2009 Ice Out - Spring
4/17/2009 Kamikaze Grouse
4/24/2009 The Kasik Cabin
5/1/2009 Opening Day - Walleye and Pike
5/8/2009 Spring Turkey
5/15/2009 Spring Fishing Adventure
5/22/2009 Cat's of the Fox
 *Oh yea, Pop Dean's "Smoked Fish Pate" very good- David
5/29/2009 Vernon DeWitt Jr. (JR)
6/5/2009 Memorial Day Weekend
6/12/2009 Freeze-Outs And Small Lakes
6/19/2009 Day Before Bass Season
6/26/2009 Old Fishing Lures
7/10/2009 The Wisconsin River & Shorelunch
7/24/2009 Summer Time, and the Livin' is Easy
7/28/2009 Cheeesheads in Yooperland
8/14/2009 Do Clams eat mud?
8/21/2009 Fish Catching
8/28/2009 Full Fledged Fall
9/4/2009 Labor Day - Means Different Things
9/11/2009 They were jumping in the boat
9/18/2009 Favorite Season Is Fall
9/25/2009 Wood Duck Tipped Over The Canoe
10/2/2009 Cranberry Lake
10/9/2009 Opening Day Duck Season
10/16/2009 Mini Vacation with Friends
10/23/2009 October Trek West
11/6/2009 Late October Duck Hunting
11/13/2009 Were Are All The Deer?
11/20/2009 7 Decades of a Northwoods' Deer Camp
 *(Part one of three)
11/27/2009 7 Decades of a Northwoods' Deer Camp
 *(Part two of three)
12/4/2009 7 Decades of a Northwoods' Deer Camp
 *(Part three of three 1990-2008)
12/11/2009 DNR and Doe population
12/18/2009 Snowshoe Hare
Leon 'Buckshot' Anderson

The Boat

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Mr. Leon "Buckshot" Anderson is one of the few old time hunting and fishing guides left in Northern Wisconsin.   Buckshot is a personal friend of the family and has known and worked with my grandfather, Howard "Pop" Dean,  both of whom are members of the fresh water fishing hall of fame, Legendary Guide.   Buckshot has authored 7 books on the great outdoors. All of his books can be purchased directly from him, at a discount, by email:  or by mail to: 2220 Deadman's Gulch Road, St. Germain, WI 54558.

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Yes; Deadman's Gulch is the correct name, I have been on that road many times. Sincerely David D. Cruger  

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