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“The Hap Larson Trilogy”, classic outdoor adventure/mystery/thrillers set in the Northwoods of Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada! 

“Last of a Dying Breed” (Fiction, 254 pages)  Meet Eric “Hap” Larson.  Born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the crushing hard times of the Great Depression, Hap opts to make his living as an outdoorsman.  But after spending four decades living and working in semi-seclusion his world is turned upside down after he falls in love with a red haired Irish widow and is forced back to the real world.  Together, along with Hap’s five sled dogs and Sadie, a loveable black Lab, the couple conquers crisis after crisis, as Hap becomes involved in a murder and then raises the ire of a ruthless drug lord.  Hang on to your chair for the final stunning conclusion!    $12.00 tax inc. plus $3.00 S & H. 

“Evil, Veiled by Darkness” (Fiction 232 pages) Hap and his new bride return to his boyhood home near Newberry, MI with intentions of enjoying retirement.  However, upon the murder of Hap’s favorite nephew, a young game warden, Hap, Edna and their faithful dogs are drawn into a manhunt for the murderer, who is also a professional poacher!  Follow this twisting tale of suspense through the remote fields and forests of the U.P. as the veteran woodsman matches wits with a madman out for revenge to a dynamite “I don’t believe it” conclusion!   $12.00 tax inc. plus $3.00 S & H. 

“Sleeper Cell Island” (Fiction 386 pages) Hap and Edna, plus their six dogs, return to Quebec City as guests of honor at a newly opened theme park Hap assisted in getting started.  The couple arrives in May, expecting to enjoy a carefree summer working at one of the parks major exhibits.  Their expectations are short lived after it is discovered a Fundamentalist Islamic terrorist sleeper cell has arrived somewhere in the area.  The veteran woodsman is drawn into the search as local authorities, the Canadian military and Homeland Security follow one blind lead after another. As time grows short Hap and Sadie are hot on the terrorist’s trail.  But can they find them in time?  Experience a whirlwind adventure pitting age-old enemies, “Good Vs Evil” with an “Oh my God” conclusion!

$17.00 tax inc. plus $3.00 S & H.     Red Hot Deal!  Buy all three books for $40.00 tax inc. plus $4.00 S & H! 

Non-fiction short stories based on true life experiences! 

“Growing Up Isn’t ALL Fishing and Hunting”  (108 pages)  Take a delightful trip backwards in time to the 1940s and 50s.  Buckshot shares sixteen of his most cherished adventures from his youth growing up in the depression stricken Northwoods of Wisconsin.  These are heartwarming tales that will rekindle memories of your own youthful adventures.  Begin by going along on his first overnight camping adventure with a cousin, and follow him during his formative years through graduation from high school.  (Numerous schools in the area have included this treasured book in their inventory.) (Now in its third printing!)  $12.00 tax inc. plus $3.00 S & H.   

“Cattails, Speckled Alders & Golden Tamaracks”  (129 pages)  Twenty short stories convey the reader through six decades following the author and his canine companions across the North American continent in quest of new adventures. You will love the unspoiled wild places he visits plus the numerous varieties of Ma Nature’s creatures that are encountered. It’s a roller coaster ride which includes a serious look at how ones attitudes about the out of door and life in general changes as the sands of time flow through our personal hourglass, to rib splitting humor.  (A dog lovers delight!)   $12.00 tax inc. plus $3.00 S & H.  Sold out!  2nd printing in 2009 

“Legends of the Lakes, Hero’s Between the Oars”  (94 pages)  Meet ten of the most famous Northwoods rowing guides and share their life stories.  Relive the early history of Wisconsin’s North Country from the early 1900s through the 1970s through the eyes of “men who made memories.”  These are highly personal stories, as the ten featured gentlemen were friends and teachers of the author.  For local history buffs this is a must read.  For those who love fishing, this is a must read.  For those who enjoy becoming acquainted with unique individuals, this is a must read! The text is fortified with authentic photos of those legendary guides of yesteryear.  $12.00 tax inc. plus $3.00 S & H. 

“Just Some Damn Good Stories and Tales” (244 pages)  Buckshot shares 30 unique adventures spanning his nearly six decades as a professional fishing and hunting guide.  Using his daily fishing and hunting diary (which contains over 5000 entries) to keep the stories accurate, enjoy a delightful trip down memory lane as you join the author, his clients, family and friends on fifteen fishing and fifteen hunting adventures throughout the Northwoods and beyond.  The text is liberally laced with old and new photographs never before published.  These stories and tales are “The Best of Buckshot!”   $12.00 tax inc. plus $3.00 S & H. 

Red Hot Deals: 
Any two books  $20.00 tax inc. plus $5.00 S & H.   Any three books $28.00 tax inc. plus $5.00 S & H.
Any four books 36.00 tax inc. plus $5.00 S & H.  Any five books $43.00 tax inc. plus $6.00 S & H.

All six books $50.00 tax inc. plus $6.00 S & H.           

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